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Experience books help your child move beyond talking about the here and now to talking about personal events in the past.

These homemade books are put together by you and your child to capture what's happened in their life, and can be used at any age. You may be asked in LSL intervention to share experience books in a session for practice.

Everything is an Experience

Once made, these books help your child share events from their point of view. They can practice telling what happened, or where they went, or what they did. For example, an experience book might be created after a trip to the zoo or to the grocery store. You can also make them about daily routines such as eating breakfast or getting ready for bed.

Mom and daughter look through a homemade experience book together.

Rose absolutely loves these books. All of our fun memories are captured and she loves that she is the main character.

Lydia H.

How Experience Books Help

Your goals for teaching your child to listen and talk include having conversations and building relationships. LSL intervention will help your child learn the skills they need. Experience books are a great way to help your child become a confident conversationalist!

An experience book will help your child:

Build Story-telling Skills
Develop Vocabulary
Talk About Experiences
Build Memory for Events
Understand Sequence of Events
Use Printed Words & Images to Tell a Story
Develop Important Literacy Skills

So How Do You Get Started?

Get step-by-step instructions for how to make your own experience book.

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