Make Every Day an LSL Day

Every Day Is a Learning Day for Your Little One

You may be wondering what you can do after your child has received their hearing technology. As a parent, you’re equipped to teach your child to listen and talk. The meaningful interactions with you in their first three years of life shape the architecture of their brain by growing the connections needed for important life-long skills. Not only are you their favorite person, you’re also their first and most important teacher.

A baby with hearing aids plays with a colorful toy with her mom.

Learn How to Grow Your Little One's Brain

In this free webinar, Talk, Read, Sing: Grow Your Child's Brain, you'll learn top tips to teach your child to listen and talk.

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Tools for LSL Living

There are just a few new tools to add to your parenting toolbox so that you can help your child on their Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) journey. You’ll use these tools in your family’s everyday moments and routines.

These tools — LSL strategies and techniques, Learning to Listen (LTL) sounds and phrases, reading aloud, and singing and rhyming — build your child’s brain for listening and spoken language.

A little girl with hearing aids taps a toy hammer playing with her grandma.

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