Starts Hear Awareness Campaign Year Three

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It All Starts with Hearing

The research reinforces what we know — hearing is critical for every child’s brain development. It’s so important that nearly every baby born in the U.S. has their hearing screened at birth! Yet a problem persists.

A significant number of babies who fail the newborn hearing screening are not receiving the necessary follow-up care, leading to delays in receiving the support they need during those critical early stages of development. 

How do we make the greatest impact to reverse the trend of lack of follow-up and delayed care? By providing families with the right information and resources at the right time! In 2021, the Starts Hear Awareness Campaign launched to educate, empower, and equip parents so they will act urgently following a failed screening. 

The Campaign's Impact

The campaign is working! The numbers prove Starts Hear is effective in moving the needle and increasing awareness. More new and expectant parents know about the newborn hearing screening (NHS), why hearing is important, and what to do following a failed NHS. 

Learn more about the campaign by watching the video below. Want to see the latest on the campaign’s performance? Download this year's report to see the results.

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Starts Hear Awareness Campaign: Year Three Report

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Download the report from Year Three and read more about the campaign, including:

  • Awareness campaign background and purpose
  • New campaign tactics to maximize impact
  • Results from Year Three and cumulative reach
  • What's in store for Year Four and beyond
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The cover of the Starts Hear National Awareness Campaign: Year Three Report 2024 with and a photo of a baby.
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