What LSL Takes

There is a proven path you can take for your child to listen and talk. We can help you learn what it takes to make that happen.

What you do today counts for your child’s tomorrow. Most children with hearing loss, even those who are profoundly deaf, are able to learn listening and spoken language. As a parent, you’ll be in charge of getting your child access to sound as early as possible. You’ll be the one to navigate their LSL journey and help them reach the best outcomes. This can feel like a big job but the good news is that you already have many of the skills you need for this journey.

Small Steps to Big Progress

Doing all the right things all the time isn’t easy but know that everything you do to help your child will make a huge difference on their LSL journey. Each small step will lead to their progress.

Little girl with hearing aids smiles holding a yard stick with smiling mom.

How to Live the LSL Life

When you do these things, LSL becomes a way of life, not just for your child but for your whole family. Your baby’s skills will grow daily while playing, learning, and interacting with you, family, and friends.

Eyes Open, Ears On

Make sure your baby wears their hearing devices all waking hours, at least 10 hours each day.

Make the Sessions Happen

Attend all LSL early intervention sessions with your baby or ask another family member or caregiver to go in your place.

Practice, Practice, Practice

During the session, practice using the strategies with your LSL professional so you can use them with confidence at home.

Bring It on Home

Between sessions, use the strategies and techniques in daily routines and interactions with your baby.

Make It a Family Affair

Make sure close family members and friends know about your baby's hearing devices and understand your baby's goals.

End-of-Day Quick Check

At the end of each day, do a quick check to make sure you’re doing what it takes for your child to learn to listen and talk.

Parents Share What It Takes

You’re not alone on this journey. Other parents have been where you are. Hear them share some advice on what it takes to make the most of LSL.


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