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Each LSL professional you work with is considered your partner on this journey.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time working with your team of professionals. Remember that you have the same goal: to help your child learn to listen and talk. Make sure this is a positive partnership so you can build trust, communicate openly, and learn all you can to be prepared for a lifetime of LSL success.  

Tips for a Successful Partnership

It Takes Two to Teach

It’s not a partnership if only one person shows up. As a parent, you may find yourself overwhelmed and uncertain at the beginning. It’s natural to want to step back and let the professionals do their job but remember that it’s you, not the professional, who spends the most time with your child. When you take an active role, you’re helping your child get closer to reaching their LSL goals.

Help Them Help You

Speak up and be honest about how your family works and what you need. Your LSL professional needs to understand how you learn best and your family's regular routines. You can also share about your family’s culture and the different roles family members play in your child’s life so they can tailor sessions to your family’s needs. The more you get to know each other, the stronger the partnership becomes.

Practice at Home

You’ll need to practice what you learn at home, and it’s just as important that you practice in every session with your LSL professional. Don’t be afraid to try things, ask questions, and be vocal when you aren’t sure about something. Remember, you know your child best. Make sure you share as much as you can about your child so you can practice what works as a team.

The Student Becomes the Master

You may come into this partnership knowing nothing about hearing loss. It may seem impossible now, but over time you’ll become an LSL master. When you complete your LSL intervention experience, you’ll know the best strategies and techniques to use with your child every day as they learn and grow. The intervention will come to an end but the skills you learned will last a lifetime.


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