Don’t let concerns about costs stop you from getting the right hearing devices and starting early intervention. There are solutions!

Paying for Hearing Devices

Most parents aren’t prepared to receive a diagnosis of hearing loss, and you might have questions about how to cover the cost and make sure your baby gets the quality services they need. If you’re worried about costs, talk with an audiologist to understand what your baby needs. Your audiologist can also help you learn more about how to cover the costs of hearing devices.

Paying for Early Intervention Services

If you seek out services through your state’s early intervention program, or "Part C" program, the service coordinator can provide specific cost information. Your service coordinator can help you learn more about your state. Some states even provide early intervention services at no cost. 

Billing procedures for special schools, speech and hearing clinics, and hospital programs vary. The cost to you is based on your baby’s health insurance, including benefits and copays. These programs may also have scholarships or offer financial assistance.

Seek out the best pediatric audiologist and LSL early intervention services as early as possible so you can learn what’s available to help you teach your baby to listen and talk.

Be Persistent

Zach’s parents share how they persisted when talking to their insurance company when he was a baby. And their efforts paid off. Zach grew up to achieve Eagle Scout status, become a member of the National Honor Society, play football at his local high school, and so much more.

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