Building Your Support Team

Learning to listen and talk starts with a team of qualified professionals to help in audiology and early intervention.

These specialists help babies from birth to age three who are at risk of missing milestones as they grow and develop. Learn how to build your LSL support team and find out why it’s critical to enroll in early intervention as quickly as possible.

Why Early Intervention?

Family-centered early intervention will teach you how to help your child reach positive listening, talking, and reading goals. Together with you, or another caregiver, your child will attend regular sessions with a trained professional to provide listening and spoken language support. You’ll learn different techniques and strategies you can use every day. You’ll also monitor progress and teach your child critical new skills while their little brain is primed to learn. 

A family reads aloud to their baby with hearing loss during an early intervention session.

How Early Intervention Works

LSL early intervention aims to teach you how to make listening and spoken language part of your everyday routines.

Remember to start with your dream and goals for your baby so you can find an early intervention provider with the specific LSL knowledge and skills to support you in reaching those goals.

A mom blows bubbles toward her infant baby with hearing aids during an early intervention session.

Find an Early Interventionist Who Meets Your Needs

In most cases, you and your baby will meet with your early interventionist regularly. If you can’t make a session, invite a family member or caregiver who is close with your child to attend in your place. Sessions can happen in many ways. Professionals may meet you in your home. You might attend tele-intervention sessions, which take place online. Or, you might travel to a special school or clinic. These options allow you to find the quality LSL services your family needs in a way that best suits your lifestyle.


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