Listening and Reading Connection

There’s a direct connection between the development of listening and spoken language (LSL) and literacy skills, like reading and writing. By incorporating the listening and reading connection into your baby’s daily life, you can grow their brain for a lifetime of reading and unlimited possibilities.

Building Blocks To Reading

Learning literacy skills through listening and talking.

By combining literacy building blocks with listening and spoken language strategies, you can grow your baby’s brain for a lifetime of reading and unlimited possibilities.

Learn how LSL leads to literacy, why reading is so important to learning, and how each of the building blocks to reading lay the foundation for high levels of literacy.

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Download Transcript In Their Own Words | Meet Julie Lyles Carr, mother of a child with hearing loss, as she talks about the outcomes she wanted for her daughter and the LSL goals she has achieved.

Early Start To Reading

Make every moment count as you talk, read, and sing.

The more words your child hears in their first years of life, the better their vocabulary and language will become. The same meaningful interactions between you and your child that grow their brain for listening and spoken language also begin building the foundation for literacy.

Learn about the journey to literacy, how to become your child’s first teacher, and the teaching tools that can help your baby learn.

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Reading Aloud | The Road To Literacy

Make reading a daily part of your life.

In the same way that you set a goal to help your baby learn and grow their brain for LSL, you can do your part to help your baby become a healthy reader.

Learn about the power of reading aloud, how to make reading aloud part of a daily routine, and how to create a language experience book with your baby.

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Download Transcript Living the LSL Life | Watch how Aiden, his mom, and his interventionist share a friend’s experience book so he can make one of his own.