Learning and Growing LSL

The goal of the LSL approach is for your child with hearing loss to develop listening and spoken language skills just like their hearing friends. Discover some of the strategies you can use, how to include LSL techniques in your daily routines, and how to prepare for new life experiences as your child grows.

Early Brain Development

A critical window for learning LSL.

Most babies with hearing loss can have the same chance to develop their brain for learning language and reading as their hearing friends.

Learn more about early brain development and the things you can do to make sure that your baby with hearing loss has what they need to grow the brain for listening and spoken language.

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LSL Strategies and Techniques

Teaching and learning through listening.

If you want your child to develop listening and spoken language skills, there are specialized LSL teaching strategies and techniques that you can learn, which place an emphasis on learning spoken language through listening.

Learn what you can do to take full advantage of an open doorway to the brain, and explore some of the strategies you’ll learn to use in your LSL early intervention sessions.

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LSL In Daily Life

Every day is a learning day.

Your baby with hearing loss can learn and grow from you using LSL strategies in your everyday routines and activities while wearing their hearing devices during all waking hours.

Learn about interactive play, Learning to Listen Sounds, and how to turn everyday routines into teaching moments using LSL strategies throughout your day.

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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Making the LSL journey work for you.

Some children also have challenges in addition to their hearing loss. While their LSL journey may be a bit different, most children can learn communication skills in the same language spoken in your family home.

Learn how these challenges can be turned into opportunities for your child to reach their full potential.

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Download Transcript Living the LSL Life | Meet David and see how his parents share their joy for the small steps along their LSL journey.