Inquiring Minds: Scenario-Based Study for LSL Professionals

Experience Overview

Whether studying for the LSLS certification examination or just desiring to learn more the about LSL domain topics, aspiring professionals and parents of children with hearing loss can benefit in participating in an ongoing study group to build and apply their knowledge. In the Inquiring Minds: Scenario-Based Study for Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Intervention study-group style learning experience, learners will interact as a group with certified LSLS facilitator, Mary Boucher Jones, to delve into intervention questions and discussions that require LSL analysis and synthesis of knowledge to answer scenario-based questions and discuss their rationale. While learners can join at any time, the LSL domain topics will change monthly, so learners can prepare for problem-solving and decision making in their LSL practice.

This learning experience will run from June to November 2019. There are no live sessions or CEU credits available for this study group experience. The first week of each month, a new scenario related to an LSL domain will be presented and learners will explore the domain in the following weeks. It is an opportunity for learners to practice an alternative way of learning, preparing for professional growth and gain insights around topics that may require more study. 

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Experience Details


6/3/2019 to 11/25/19

Learning Level

Aspiring (Basic)

Experience Facilitator

Mary Boucher Jones M.A., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mary Boucher Jones, M.A., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, is the president and founder of Listen and Learn Auditory Verbal Communication Center, Inc., located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through her private practice, Mary provides home-based auditory-verbal therapy, school consultations, and professional mentoring. She has more than 40 years of experience serving adults, children, and their families in schools, clinics, hospitals, early intervention, an otology office, and private practice. She is a national and international mentor, a published author, and a frequent speaker on issues related to auditory-verbal practice.

Learning Structure

For each of our online Learning Experiences, learners gather in a private group space to access the course content. Courses include resources, such as videos, articles, handouts, and quizzes, to help learners comprehend, apply, practice, and reflect on the content of each session. Courses with live interactive sessions are held on Adobe Connect, our virtual classroom, with the course facilitator.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify critical information to consider when evaluating listening and spoken language scenario-based questions.
  • Analyze LSL intervention and/or LSL classroom-based scenarios by applying listening and spoken language domain knowledge.
  • Support the rationale for answers to scenario based questions by providing evidence of the application of listening and spoken language domain knowledge.
  • Pinpoint listening and spoken language domain areas to target for further self-study or inquiry.

The Hearing First Learning Philosophy

Hearing First supports a learning model of Seek-Sense-Share. (Jarche, 2012) This model supports a complete cycle of learning to promote change in LSL living and practice. Learners seek new knowledge, make sense of it by applying, practicing, reflecting and collaborating then share back ideas and experiences with others. We believe this connected online learner-driven approach will equip families and professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to improve LSL outcomes for young children and their families.

How to Earn CEUs

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Tech Requirements

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Hearing First (HF) Learning Experiences and Community Discussions are powerful learning tools to advance the practice of teaching spoken language through listening. These experiences foster the understanding and application of the science and art of LSL practice. The opinions and comments of facilitators and learners in Hearing First Learning Experiences are not necessarily the viewpoints shared by Hearing First and/or by other Community Members. As a reminder, Hearing First Learning Experiences are governed by and subject to the Hearing First Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Community Code of Conduct, and we encourage all Community Members participating in a Hearing First Learning Experience to review our policies regularly.