Hearing First is proud to offer online learning experiences that meet the criteria for earning professional CEUs. Find specific questions about Hearing First learning experiences, CEUs, and requirements below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to receive CEUs through Hearing First learning experiences?

Registration for learning experiences are at no cost to learners and the CEUs are a part of most registration benefits. You won’t incur any costs associated with our online learning programs.

Which CEU providers do you offer credit through?

What are the requirements for obtaining CEU credits with Hearing First learning experiences?

What if I’m late to a live session? Will I still get CEUs?

When will I receive CEUs after completing a learning experience?

Can I use my Certificate of Completion to apply to other CEU providers on my own?

I lost my email with my Certificate of Completion download link for a learning experience I participated in. Where can I re-download my Hearing First Certificate of Completion with CEU codes?

How do I get a signed C-3 form for my participation in an LSL Video Observation learning experience?

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about CEUs and C-3 Forms?

How long do I get to complete CEU requirements for a course?

What if I didn’t complete all course requirements?

When can I expect my feedback survey after I’ve completed all the requirements for the learning experience?

What if I missed the feedback survey two-week timeline but I completed all other requirements?