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Whether you're a family member of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing or a hearing healthcare professional, you're in the right place. Here, you'll find helpful resources and get access to learning experiences. You can also join one of our communities to find connection and support from others. Our social media channels and newsletters offer even more opportunities to learn, connect, and discover what's possible with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL)!

Together, we can power potential for children with hearing loss.

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We’re proud to support families and professionals on their LSL journey! We offer many ways to take your knowledge to the next level, helping you learn more about listening and spoken language and all the incredible opportunities it provides to children with hearing loss.

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Family Support Community

The FSC is a free and safe place for families to share experiences, ask questions, get advice, and find support from other families on their own LSL journey.

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Professional Learning Community

The PLC is our free learning community for professionals to grow their knowledge, advance their practice, and share insights on LSL with other industry professionals.

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