Celebrate LSL

Children who are born deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk. Watch children with hearing loss and their families work through everyday LSL situations and celebrate positive outcomes.

Live the LSL Life

Aiden at Bat

Aiden can fully enjoy his first T-ball season, just like the other kids in his neighborhood, through listening and talking!

See Possibilities with LSL


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Going Mainstream

Hunter’s Reading Success

Riley's mom shares her initial fears as her daughter started mainstream school. Watch as she talks about overcoming those fears through asking questions and finding the right place with supportive teachers for her daughter's successful transition to school with hearing friends.

See the Reading & Hearing Connection


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A Family Sets High LSL Expectations

Mike and Julie talk about their early experience making the decision to pursue LSL for Maesy. Watch as they share how their LSL interventionist helped them set and exceed high expectations for her.

Learn About the Parent-Professional Partnership


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