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By Hearing First Team October 6, 2015

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Welcome to Hearing First. We believe in a future where children who are deaf and hard of hearing have the potential to be whatever they want to be. Help us power their potential.

“Hearing First combines the Oberkotter Foundation’s strategic goals for family support and professional learning into a 21st century digital ecosystem offering information, resources, community support, and learning experiences.”

We believe in starting small and thinking big. 
We believe in little ones with big plans. 
Plans to play ball or ride the yellow bus with their brothers and sisters. 
Plans to grow up to be doctors, coaches, gardeners, lawyers, singers, writers, teachers, and community leaders. 
Plans to be parents, mentors, dreamers, and doers. 

We believe in a future where children who are deaf and hard of hearing have the potential to be whatever they want to be. We exist to power their potential. 

Hearing First is a connection point for families who want their child to learn to listen and talk — and the professionals who support them. We equip and empower those families and professionals to improve outcomes for children with hearing loss through listening and spoken language (LSL). 

Hearing First Powers Potential 

We understand that the small and seemingly insignificant sounds matter most. The sound of a sibling’s laugh or a mother’s lullaby. Those small sounds are forming the first connections that lay the pathways for future success. 

We believe every parent needs to know the status of their baby’s hearing first — because the first days, weeks, and months of a baby’s life are critical. The earlier a child with hearing loss is identified, amplified, and receiving help, the more opportunities that child will have. 

How does Hearing First power potential? 

Hearing First Powers: Listening and Spoken Language 

Babies with hearing loss can learn spoken language when they are identified early, have the hearing devices they need, and are taught to listen through special LSL techniques. LSL is a developmental approach, which follows typical child milestones by introducing skills at the ages and stages when little brains are primed to learn. 

Hearing First Powers: Partnerships 

Because we support quality parent-professional partnerships for successful LSL outcomes, we offer practical easy-to-understand LSL information for families to use and professionals to share as they guide and coach families. 

Hearing First Powers: Collaboration 

The strategy of the Oberkotter Foundation has long been to build capacity for collaboration. Building relationships with the LSL community and early learning partners will create opportunities for collective impact. We hope to combine our efforts with those partners to promote the LSL message, so that no matter where a child lives — even in the most remote areas —they could have access to quality LSL services. 

Hearing First Powers: Connections 

We’ll connect both families and professionals with the information they need for their journeys. We’ll connect families in a community where they can support one another and provide professionals with connected-learning opportunities to collaborate and co-create together. 

Hearing First Powers: Innovation 

Just as we embrace 21st century hearing technology, we also embrace the digital tools that will equip our LSL community to expand and grow. Hence, we’ve developed a fully digital experience with knowledge, information and tools. Through a robust web experience, expanded engagement in social spaces, and virtual communities of support and connected learning we believe the LSL community can influence the potential of LSL outcomes for babies and their families. 

Hearing powers spoken language, literacy, and lifetime success. Hearing powers a child's potential. 

We have seen this firsthand over the past three decades. As a subsidiary of the Oberkotter Foundation, we’ve had the opportunity to meet babies and talk with their families. We have watched those children grow up, forge friendships in the mainstream, and succeed through LSL. We are dedicated to seeing more children repeat their success by supporting families and professionals when and where they’ve told us they need it most. is a place where families and professionals can learn, connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Join us here at Hearing First. Together let’s power potential.  

News & Events | LSL outcomes, listening and spoken language, powering potential

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Hearing First Team At Hearing First, we want all children to benefit from the availability of newborn hearing screening, the advances in technology, and the early learning services in their communities. We want all children to have the opportunity to take advantage of access to sound – a critical building block for future success.