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Learn more about ways to help your child with hearing loss learn to listen, talk, and reach their full potential.

If you’re teaching your child who is deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk, you’re living LSL! As a parent or caregiver, you’ve already got what it takes to help them learn listening and spoken language. Living LSL: A Family Learning Series is here to help you do just that.

The entire series has been designed with you in mind, bringing you some of the best professionals in pediatric hearing loss and listening and spoken language to answer your burning questions and share what the parenting books likely didn’t prepare you for! Living LSL covers the essentials of LSL and spells out the important need-to-know aspects of teaching a child who is deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Best of all, they’re free!

Sign up today to build your LSL skills and get a better understanding of your child’s hearing loss, how their brain works, and ways to help them learn to listen and talk.


I have watched the Living LSL webinar several times and my goodness! The knowledge I gathered from it has been a HUGE benefit to me! Thank you!

Chika M.

Let's Get Learning!

Webinar Hearing is About Your Child's Brain
Webinar Knowing What Your Child Can Hear
Webinar What’s Possible with Hearing Technologies Today
Webinar How Remote Microphones Make a Difference
Webinar Talk, Read, Sing: Grow Your Child’s Brain
Webinar DIY Storytelling for Children with Hearing Loss Using Experience Books
Webinar Making Music and Building Brains


Who should attend?

Living LSL is great for friends, caregivers, teachers, and anyone who may be interested in learning more about helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk. LSL professionals can also attend for ideas and inspiration for the families they work with.

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