It wasn’t so long ago that not all babies had their hearing screened at birth. In fact, it was less than 25 years ago that Riley was one of the first babies to receive the newborn hearing screening in Oklahoma. And it was a good thing she did, because her hearing loss was identified at birth. Why is that so important? By identifying her hearing loss early, her family was able to take action right away to get her hearing aids at only 3 months old. Today, Riley is a happy, thriving young woman, recently married, and pursuing her master’s degree to become a therapist. Listen in to her story and learn how Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) changed her life.

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More About Riley’s Journey

Reflecting back on her life, Riley is incredibly grateful for the newborn hearing screening that allowed her to receive the hearing devices she needed at such a young age. Her mom Merry shares that while the diagnosis was unexpected, the journey has been worth it to see her daughter succeed in life and become an inspiration for others.

Part of that success comes from a dedicated team of professionals, a strong parent-professional partnership, and a commitment to a Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) outcome. The hard work paid off as Riley attended mainstream school where she was the only student with hearing loss. She wasn’t shy about advocating for herself and talking with teachers. As a result, she succeeded in school and went on to attend Oklahoma State University. Not only did she thrive academically but socially as well. Today, she has strong friendships and a sense of community.

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