Raising a Reader: Hearing First’s Guide to Listening, Language, and Literacy

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Read Together, Learn Together

When you read to your baby every day, you grow their brain for listening, language, and learning. Use this collection of some favorite literacy resources to use as you read together with your child.

Literacy Skills Begin On Day One

Babies are learners from day one, taking in extraordinary amounts of information about the world around them long before they ever say a word.

If you have chosen Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) for your child, the great news is that the strategies you use to help your child learn to listen and talk are the same building blocks that help them learn to read. Let’s get started exploring how to make this a fun learning opportunity you can do with your baby everyday.

Get Started with These Reading Tips

Use these helpful handouts to get creative with your reading routines.

Keep Going!

Here are some other helpful resources about reading aloud and raising your little reader!

Watch Now

Check out the videos below for more tips about reading together with your child.