Why Collaboration is Important Between Parents and LSL Professionals

When it comes to the partnership between parents and LSL professionals powering potential for children with hearing loss to listen and talk, collaboration is key! Watch our recent Facebook Live “Ask Me Anything” with special guest, Joanna Smith, LSLS Cert. AVT, CEO and Executive Director at Hearts for Hearing, as we chat about effective collaboration, and how families can “make up for lost time” with the late hearing loss diagnosis.

While parents are the driving force of their baby’s LSL team, there are many other professional ‘players’ working and collaborating alongside them to help children reach their listening, talking and literacy potential. But how do professionals collaborate effectively even when they’re not in the same location?

Hear from Hearing First CEO Dr. Teresa Caraway and guest Joanna Smith, LSLS Cert. AVT, CEO and Executive Director of Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma City as they discuss these topics, and answer a parent’s question of how to “make up for lost time” with a late hearing loss diagnosis. Whether you’re a parent leading your child’s LSL team, or a professional looking to collaborate more effectively with others to power the listening, talking and literacy outcomes of the children with hearing loss you serve, this video is for you!