The Easiest Way To Build Your Baby's Brain For Listening

Did you know it’s important for you and your family to talk about everything you do with your newborn? Learn why it’s important for babies with hearing loss to hear words over and over and watch an everyday example of this strategy to help you and your family build it into your daily routine.

Do you want to hear something incredible? Babies with hearing loss can access important auditory information with their hearing aids or cochlear implants to build their brains for listening. In fact, just wearing their hearing aids or cochlear implants during all waking hours and talking to your baby during your daily routines helps their brain develop connections for listening, speaking, and reading later in life.

While helping your child wear their hearing technology all waking hours may come as a no-brainer, you may be wondering what talking continuously has to do with helping your child reach a Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) outcome. By simply using word repetition and short sentences when you are with your baby, you’ll help build their growing brains and set them up for a lifetime of listening, talking, and literacy success! A simple way of doing this is by naming objects your baby sees and talking about them by adding a comment. Think of it as being a sports commentator for your child’s everyday life!!

Sounds easy, right? Here’s a way to try it for yourself! Watch our Did You Know video below as Hearing First CEO Dr. Teresa Caraway explains a step-by-step example for how you can use repetition and continuous talking in your daily routine to help your child learn to listen and talk.

While it may seem silly to name objects and talk like a sports commentator around your baby, your intentional interactions and conversations are helping their brains and vocabulary grow rapidly!