Riddle Me This! Scavenger Hunt Clues For Your LSL Strategy

It may not seem like implementing LSL strategies is all fun and games, but you can include your fair share of entertaining activities into your daily routine to help your child with hearing loss learn to listen and talk. Read along and download our printable age-appropriate LSL scavenger hunt clues you can use to create an engaging game that helps your little learner listen, read, speak and seek!

Sometimes the word ‘strategy’ can seem so strict and principled and overwhelm you with fear that you might not be doing something right. We get it! It’s the perfect time for a reminder that LSL strategies are not completely outside the norm of what you’d already be doing with your child, regardless of whether or not they were born with or without hearing loss. Remember, you can and should have a good time maximizing your baby’s listening and spoken language development because there’s a direct connection between fun and LSL skills!

There’s an enormous amount of learning that can happen for your baby when they engage with you in everyday routines such as feeding, dressing and play time, that happen every day – no matter what the day is like. You may think of these as ordinary moments but they are also rich opportunities to support your child’s learning and development. It’s all about intentional listening and speech opportunities which include getting the most out of your child’s hearing technology by wearing the device during waking hours.

Speaking of engaging listening and talking opportunities, have you heard the benefits of setting up an interactive scavenger hunt for your child during play time? Activities like scavenger hunts or search games are perfect additions to your LSL routines because they provide your child with opportunities to use deductive reasoning and solid language skills to be able to solve clues. They’ll think it’s an exciting game but you’ll know this activity is putting them on track to a successful LSL outcome!

Put It Into Practice

Start a fun activity for your LSL learner in no time! Send your child on an exciting search for clues around your house and neighborhood using our Listen, Read, Speak & Seek handout. This handout is printable and ready to use with step-by-step Scavenger Hunt clues for you and your child to use as a guide. Wanting to step up the difficulty of the hunt? The handout also has cut lines right on the page so you can clip and hide the clues for your child to search for and find. No matter which method you choose, you’ll be helping your child to be one step further along their path to learn to listen and talk!

Download The Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable!