Resources For Parents Of Toddlers With Hearing Loss

This week, we’re celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month by highlighting Hearing First resources for parents of toddlers with hearing loss! Keep reading to find handouts, videos, and blogs that will help you as you work with your early interventionist to teach your child with hearing loss to learn to listen and talk with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL).

Better Hearing & Speech Month is a time to celebrate the outstanding outcomes possible for children with hearing loss and spread awareness of all their listening, talking, and reading possibilities. Here are the top Hearing First resources to help you celebrate and grow on your LSL journey as you power potential for your toddler with hearing loss!

  • Episode 4 of the Powering Potential podcast: Listen to the fourth episode of season 1, First Words and Other Celebrations, to hear other parents share about the sweet moments when they realized their family was on the right path.
  • LSL Strategies and Techniques - This handout is packed full of the LSL strategies you need to know about that will help your child with hearing loss learn to listen and talk.
  • LSL in Daily Life - Visit this page of our website to learn how to implement LSL strategies in your everyday routines and activities, and why your child should wear their hearing devices during all waking hours.
  • Promote Your Child’s Brain Development by Reaching the 40 Million Word Goal - Learn about the importance of helping your child hear 40 million words by age four, and some of our simple, everyday tips in a helpful video to reach this goal!
  • Help Your Child with Hearing Loss Reach the 40 Million Word Goal - Dig deeper into the strategies that will help you reach language goals with our blog and corresponding handout.
  • Growing Listening, Language and Literacy Skills - Get our free eBook for LSL professionals that’s equally helpful for families on the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) journey! This eBook contains resources and handouts to grow your child’s listening, language, and literacy skills right away!
  • Developmental Milestones Birth-8 - Learn about the developmental milestones your child will experience at different ages in this helpful handout.
  • LSL by the Season: Spring - While this blog and handout are Spring-themed, you can use this resource with specific concepts, skills, and activities for incorporating LSL strategies into your reading time any season of the year!
  • The Benefits of Books with Repeatable Lines - Read why books with repeatable lines are an effective way to build your child’s language skills, and get a helpful handout with some of our favorite predictable books!

For more tips, resources, and support on your LSL journey become a member of our Family Support Community! In this free, online community, you’ll find other parents like you who are helping their child who is deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL).