Practical Tips for Partnering with LSL Professionals

We recently sat down with Dr. Rachel Glade, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas and LSL professional to talk about her practical tips for parents to help them partner with professionals on their child’s hearing journey. Read the Facebook Live highlights and watch the full interview below!

While our CEO, Dr. Teresa Caraway attended the 2018 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention in Boston, she had an opportunity to sit down for a Facebook Live AMA with clinical assistant professor of communication disorders at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Rachel Glade.

In the interview, Dr. Caraway and Dr. Glade answered questions from viewers about how parents can build their child’s listening and spoken language skills (even when there’s a later diagnosis) and provided tips for how to partner with LSL professionals on the LSL journey. Dr. Glade also discussed her paper "Incorporating Informational Counseling in the Treatment of Individuals with Hearing Loss and their Families," which is a guide for professionals and parents to help them adapt their LSL approach as children grow.

Watch the full interview to get all the tips helpful LSL advice!

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