Our New Podcast is Live

Listen up! We’ve launched a podcast. We’re excited to share the first season of Powering Potential from Hearing First. Over six episodes, we’ll get to know the stories of four families who are teaching their children with hearing loss to listen and speak. Hear them get real about the fears, struggles, triumphs, and joys they’ve experienced along the way.

Hosted by Dr. Teresa Caraway CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, CEO of Hearing First, the first season tackles the range of emotions and experiences that accompany every stage of the journey from receiving a diagnosis to finding ways to incorporate LSL into family life to transitioning into the mainstream school system.

With candor and warmth, a diverse group of parents share what went through their minds at every step of the way. You’ll hear from Mercedes, a mother who is bilingual and wants to teach her two children with hearing loss to sing the Spanish lullabies her own grandmother sang to her. You’ll get to know Ketty, a mother and early interventionist who persisted for years to get an accurate diagnosis for her daughter. Phin and Daily, the parents of Roark, share the tips and tricks they use to ensure their son gets as much access to sound as possible. And you’ll meet Matthew and Sarah, loving parents who turned into advocates for their daughter, Fiona.

“Thousands of families have walked the LSL journey and found joy along the way. We want to share the invaluable wisdom, hope, and ideas they’ve gleaned with other families just starting the journey,” said Dr. Caraway. “We created the Powering Potential podcast so that parents can tap into the voices of other parents at any time, day or night, and find comfort, hope, and practical tips from families who just get it.”

Listen to the first three episodes and download transcripts at Powering Potential. Or you can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play, and stream on SoundCloud.

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