Make Reading Fun with LSL Read Aloud Roundup

Hear why it’s important to read aloud with your baby every day, and get our handout to help make your daily reading routine fun and effective!

When it comes to teaching your baby to listen, talk and read, every minute counts. The good news is that you don’t have to be a reading teacher to teach your child literacy skills! If you make reading aloud an important listening and learning experience every day, your child will gain important skills to become a healthy lifelong reader. Set a goal to read aloud to your child for 15 minutes every day. It’s that easy!

By starting LSL early and looking for opportunities to read aloud in many of your regular daily activities, you’re powering the potential for your child to reach the goal of reading at grade level by third grade!

The great part is, your daily reading routine with your baby doesn’t have to feel like work. Our LSL Read Aloud Roundup can help you create the habit of reading with your child to build their literacy skills, by giving you ideas to make reading fun and effective. Complete all the squares and win the prize for growing your child’s brain for listening, spoken language and literacy.

Download the game for a fun way to promote LSL learning with your child!