LSL Life: Stories of Hope and Celebration

At Hearing First, we understand the importance of hope and celebration. That’s why we created LSL Life.

Our LSL Life series showcases stories from families with children born deaf or hard of hearing about their Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) journey. These videos celebrate children with hearing loss who use LSL to reach their full potential.

LSL Life features different families from all around the country. You can hear stories from families with kids in preschool, in college, and all the ages in between. Watch as these children thrive in all areas of life, thanks to Listening and Spoken Language. LSL Life shows how children born deaf or hard of hearing can reach their full potential as they read and learn, play music and dance, embrace family traditions, and so much more.

Hear from Ethan and his family: Kendra and Gerald expected their second son to have typical hearing like his older brother. When Ethan was born and didn’t pass the newborn hearing screening, they couldn’t envision what the new normal would be for their family... until they learned about LSL. Once Ethan had access to sound after he received cochlear implants just before his second birthday, his personality flourished.

Hear from CiCi and her family: For her family of music lovers, CiCi’s diagnosis of profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears made it seem impossible that she would be able to enjoy all the singing and music that they loved. Because her family chose LSL for CiCi, she has grown up surrounded by music, which led to her natural talent for dancing. Today, CiCi is a talented dancer, determined to turn professional one day.

You can hear from Ethan, CiCi, and others on LSL Life, our series showing how LSL changes lives. Don’t miss these stories of hope, celebration, and all that is possible with Listening and Spoken Language.