LSL Interview with Dr. Carol Flexer and Dr. Teresa Caraway

What does it mean when we say “we hear with the brain?” Get the answer to this question and learn the connection between hearing and early brain development in our live interview with Dr. Carol Flexer! Read the takeaways from Hearing First CEO, Dr. Teresa Caraway’s conversation with Dr. Flexer and watch the full interview below.

World-renowned Audiologist, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Audiology and Listening and Spoken Language Consultant Dr. Carol Flexer recently joined Hearing First CEO Dr. Teresa Caraway for a research-packed conversation about listening and spoken language (LSL).

The two LSL professionals discussed the importance of hearing for early brain development and what it means when we say “ears are the doorway to the brain.” This interview is also packed with information such as:

  • How hearing relates to brain development
  • Why humans are wired to learn to listen and talk
  • When children should be fit with hearing technology
  • How to determine the appropriate technology for each child
  • How long children should wear hearing technology per day to reach a listening and spoken language outcome

Download transcript

After watching the recap of our Facebook Live, you can also download the white paper that Dr. Flexer wrote for Hearing First titled Start with the Brain and Connect the Dots. Access the white paper here!