Live. Love. LSL.

February is the month to celebrate all that we love in our lives. And we love sharing the positive outcomes that are possible with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL)! Families and professionals are invited to join us all month as we #LiveLoveLSL to celebrate the joy and opportunities that LSL can bring. Read below to learn how you can help spread awareness of all the possibilities for positive LSL outcomes.

Every day children who are deaf or hard of hearing are learning to listen, talk, and read at the same level as their hearing peers. At Hearing First, we celebrate LSL and these kinds of positive outcomes all year long but we are especially excited to celebrate in February when families and professionals join us to #LiveLoveLSL!!


#LiveLoveLSL is a great opportunity for the LSL community to help spread awareness online during the month of February that children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk. It's also a time to celebrate the outcomes possible with LSL!


While there are so many good reasons to help spread the love of LSL, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Spread The Good News. Many families aren't aware of LSL as an outcome when they first learn of their child's diagnosis. Using #LiveLoveLSL on social media helps spread the word about what's possible for children with hearing loss. Together, we can reach parents who aren't aware of the many benefits of LSL and show them why we love it!

  • Support Others on the LSL Journey. Your story may be the right message another family or professional needs to hear to encourage them through their journey. Your experience could help them connect with the community, maintain momentum, or feel supported and empowered. Sharing your story in the Hearing First communities and in social media to tell your LSL story helps families know they aren't alone. Let them know that soon they will have their own milestones to share and celebrate!


Tell your story! Use #LiveLoveLSL when posting on social media in February. Share with friends and colleagues. Let the world know how much you love LSL and celebrate the positive outcomes you experience every day!

Here are some other ways to get involved:

  • Customize your Facebook profile picture with the #LiveLoveLSL frame. Click here and search "Live Love LSL" for our profile picture frame.
  • Share your story on social media using the hashtag #LiveLoveLSL. Need help finding the right words? Try some of ours!
    • I #LiveLoveLSL because I'm celebrating the incredible outcomes possible for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) helps children learn to listen, speak, and read at the same level as their hearing peers! Learn more about LSL at
  • Join the #LiveLoveLSL discussions and engage in the Hearing First Family Support Community or Professional Learning Community.
  • You can also download free #LiveLoveLSL printable wall art and digital wallpapers to use and share. Show your LSL love!