How to Get Family Members Involved in Your Child’s Hearing Journey

The holidays are upon us, meaning lots of family gatherings and get-togethers are coming too. Whether or not you realize it now, each family member and friend in the room can be a part of your LSL journey with your child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Read how to include them and increase your community of support below.

Your extended family and close friends play an important role in your child’s life. The better they understand key information about your child’s hearing loss and LSL strategies, the more equipped they’ll be to effectively support you in teaching your child to learn to listen and talk. But with all the vital information out there related to hearing loss and Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), where do you start?


  1. Have the “Doorway” Conversation: Friends and family need to understand that ears are the doorway to the brain and that your child will need to wear their hearing devices to build the connections in the brain. Share our recent interview with Dr. Carol Flexer as she discusses the connection between hearing and early brain development.
    1. Action Idea! Before you see loved ones at upcoming social gatherings, email or text them the link to Dr. Flexer’s blog interview. Ask that family members watch and encourage them to ask questions!
  2. Help Others Learn About LSL: Explain to friends and family that you want your child to listen and talk, and give them examples of LSL outcomes. Share video stories of other families on the same LSL journey.  
    1. Action Idea! Share the “Celebrate LSL” videos from or watch videos and hear inspiring stories from other families like yours who are thriving with LSL at
  3. Explain More About Hearing Technology: You’ll want to tell them about the specifics of the hearing technology your child uses. Explain how the hearing aids or cochlear implants work so that your family members are comfortable with them and can help you manage and troubleshoot as needed. You can also reference our Hearing Technology page for additional information about hearing devices.
    1. Action Idea! Have a hearing technology info-session, including how to turn the tech on and off, put them on your baby, and do a listening check.
  4. Invite Someone to Early Invention: Include your close friends and family members in early intervention sessions. They will learn about your goals and LSL strategies to use when caring for and talking to your child. Your child will also benefit from the consistent and coordinated interactions with all the important people in their life. Once you’ve introduced them to an early intervention session, they may even become comfortable enough to sub in for you in case you ever have to miss a session! They’ll feel equipped and you’ll be supported. WIN - WIN!
    1. Action Idea! Think of one or two people who you can ask to attend an early intervention session with you in the new year.
  5. Join the Family Support Community: We believe in building communities of support so much that we created one just for you! For additional resources and tried and true tips for asking friends and family to get involved, join the Family Support Community. Other families of children with hearing loss are ready to walk the LSL path with you, and new friendships and connections are right around the corner.
    1. Action Idea! Join the Family Support Community today.

At Hearing First, we want you to know that you don’t have to go in alone on the LSL journey. By implementing some of these action steps, you can build your community of support and share the many joys that come with watching your child learn to listen and talk!

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