Hop to it! Living the LSL Family Journey

We all know the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) journey is not a simple, straight path to an expected outcome. Each family’s LSL journey is an ongoing process that has its ups and downs along the way and no two paths are ever the same! With the help of a community, you can find joy in the journey and hop to the next stage of progress, no matter where you are on the roadmap to an LSL outcome. Join us this week as we celebrate all stages of the family journey and read along to learn how you can connect with other LSL families to support each other each step, or hop, of the way.

Where are you on the LSL path? As we’ve mentioned before, each family’s steps on the path to a successful LSL outcome may not be taken in the same order as no two journeys are the same. However, with each family’s experience, there are similarities that help us notice an LSL ‘roadmap’ coming into view.

The beauty of the family journey is that it’s not linear. Sometimes you’ll have to revisit a point on the map and that’s to be expected. Better yet, it’s okay! Although it’s easy to get distraught from a setback, it’s possible to overcome this lack of hope by connecting with others who have been there. A great way to combat fear is joining and participating in community!

A strong community of support can help you with LSL strategies and goals, share their stories with you and encourage you to power through whatever setbacks you may be experiencing because they’ve been there and understand what you’re going through in a way no one else can.

Are you ready to participate in a community for families and friends of children who are deaf or hard of hearing? You came to the right place! Join the Hearing First Family Support Community today and connect, share, grow and learn with others on the LSL journey. In the community, we have areas for families to share challenges and celebrations and ways to post your memorable moments along the way! You’ll also find the LSL Friend Finder, which is a feature designed to directly connect you to specific members who you share interests, experiences or areas of need with. No matter where you are on the journey, you can find power in community. Remember, there’s no reason to go it alone in the digital age!