Hearing First Powers Families

We’re launching and you’re invited! Hearing First is excited to announce the opening of our online Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Family Support Community. Read below to learn more about the community and how you can join today!

Join Others on the LSL Journey

You're not alone. The Family Support Community is a place for you as parents, as well as your extended family, friends and caregivers to share, grow and learn on your LSL journey. This online platform allows you to connect with families across the world and draw on each other’s experiences in real time.


The Family Support Community makes it easy to share what you’ve learned, post pictures and videos, and welcome others. There’s always someone who can benefit from hearing your personal story.


Learn practical tips and tricks from other members and share that information with your family members and caregivers. Take advantage of helpful tools and resources based on your needs.


Get involved and give back to the community by offering advice and support to other families. Help them to see possibilities and join them in celebrating successes.

A Safe Community Space

The Family Support Community is a safe, secure space for families on the LSL journey.
The site is offered at no cost and is password protected.

You’re not alone. Become part of the LSL community today!