Hearing First Powers Community

Join our online Professional Community to connect with peers and advance your Listening and Spoken Language practice.

We’re launching and you’re invited! Hearing First is pleased to announce the opening of our online Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Hearing First Professional Learning Community on October 24th.

Discover. Advance. Improve. Share.

The Hearing First Professional Learning Community is an online platform for professionals to learn together to improve LSL practice. Professionals can collaborate with leading LSL professionals to discover new solutions and improve outcomes for children and their families. Whether you’re an aspiring or advanced practitioner, you can share and grow in your skills. There’s no reason to go it alone in the digital age.

Learn Out Loud.

We believe a private community experience for professionals will offer a space where they can learn out loud together, openly share with others and experience transparency, respect and trust.  

Professionals  who want to connect, learn and have discussions about how to work with and support children who are deaf or hard of hearing learning to listen and talk are welcome. The site is offered at no cost and is password protected so we can ensure the identify of all members who register.

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