Hear the Crucial Information A Cochlear Implant Surgeon Provides For Families Of Children With Hearing Loss

Do you have questions about cochlear implants for children who are deaf or hard of hearing? We’ve got some answers! Hear from Hearing First CEO, Dr. Teresa Caraway as she interviews Dr. Stan Baker, an Otologist and Cochlear Implant Surgeon with over 25 years of experience in the field as they discuss all things cochlear implants for children with hearing loss.

As a parent, there can be a lot of questions surrounding the need for cochlear implants for your child.

“Are cochlear implants safe?”
“How quickly can a child be implanted once they’re a candidate?
“How can you know cochlear implants will work for a child with hearing loss?”
“Is it better to have two ears implanted with cochlear implants or is just one okay?”

In our recent Facebook Live Ask Me Anything interview with an Otologist and Cochlear Implant Surgeon, you can get the answers to these questions and more!

Watch the video recap Dr. Teresa Caraway’s interview with Dr. Stan Baker, and also learn:

  • What a cochlear implant is, and how it works
  • How a family can know when they’re a candidate for a cochlear implant
  • The youngest age a child can receive a cochlear implant.

This video includes lots of tips for parents who are considering cochlear implants for their baby and is packed with crucial information for the LSL journey!