Better Hearing and Speech Month- Learn More About Knowing Your Baby’s Hearing Status

Hear why it’s important to know the status of your baby’s hearing and find helpful resources right here on our site!

May’s Better Hearing & Speech Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance for every parent to know the status of their baby’s hearing. Knowing this information is important because hearing is a foundational building block for children to learn to listen and talk, become healthy readers and do well in school. Learn more about the importance of knowing the status of your baby’s hearing through resources right here on our website.

It’s important to know your baby’s hearing status early, because during the early stages of life, their brain is developing at a rapid rate. Learn more about your baby’s early brain development and how you can enhance their learning experience. READ MORE

The first step to knowing your baby’s hearing status is a newborn hearing screening. If your baby does not pass their hearing screening, it is extremely important to follow-up and act quickly! Learn more about this test and its importance. READ MORE

When your baby's hearing is tested, the pediatric audiologist will provide you with an audiogram that visually depicts your child's hearing. Learn more about understanding audiograms using a fruit and string bean description. READ MORE

Early intervention is important to your baby’s success learning to listen, talk, sing and read. Learn more about why early intervention is important and how it works. READ MORE

Your baby’s ability to listen and talk is directly connected to their auditory brain development. Learn more about the listening-learning and talking connection and how hearing technology can help. READ MORE

It takes more than just hearing technology to develop your baby’s auditory brain. Learn tips and techniques you can use in your everyday life to help your baby develop their listening and spoken language skills. READ MORE

To continue conversations related to newborn hearing screening and Better Hearing & Speech Month, join a Hearing First community, where you can share, grow and learn alongside others on the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) journey. We have free, online communities for Professionals and Families, so no matter what your role is in helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk, we have a space for you!